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Always Stay Connected to your Customers with CALL 7 Connect : Sound Bigger than you are, never miss a new prospect or customer call.

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  • Call 7 Connect:  Today’s phone system for Start-up, Entrepreneurs: People on the go and your small company, or any company who wants to save money and does not need advanced expensive features. 
  • CALL 7 Connect will save your company money, while offering you the best FREE Features for Today’s small businesses.
  • For our complete listing of the Great Features of  CALL 7 CONNECT go here:  LEARN MORE

Call 7 park

As low as

$5.77 / per month per user*

Many people have a home phone number, or and old business number, they wish to keep.

  • Have a number you no longer use and want to keep it?  Perhaps a home phone or a business number you no longer use but you want to keep.
  • Safely PARK your numbers with CALL7.com.
  • You may re-activate and use your old number at any time.

Call 7 ORBIT

As low as

$7.77 / per month per user*

  • STOP ROBO CALLS: CALL 7 Orbit stops those Robo Calls.
  • Protect your Privacy.
  • Do not use your give out your personal Cell Number to strangers


As low as

$10.77 / per month per user*

Affordable Cloud Phone Service for Entrepreneurial or Small Businesses with  multiple associates / phones and numbers.

  • Many companies primarily use their cell phones today.
  • Finally, a New Generation of Communications for Today’s Business looking for all the important features with Great Pricing.
  • CALL 7 CONNECT EXPRESS includes all the Features of CALL 7 FUSE and More.
  • Burstable phone service, is a sub-service of Call 7 Connect and can be added by a client as a service, it is then associated with Call 7 Connect Express and PRO both as a Sub Service, it allows people to have extra Inbound lines for, perhaps an Advertisement they are running.
  • A Super Ring Group is an Optional Service which may be added to Call 7 Connect Express and PRO both as a sub-service. It allows people to have a Call Queue ( Like calling Citibank) attached to a ring Group.

Call 7 fuse

As low as

$12.77 / per month per user*

All of the great features of CALL 7 ORBIT PLUS:

  • FINALLY:  you have the Option of Making Outbound Calls on a new number other than your Personal Cell Number, while keeping your personal Cell Number active.
  • Many people move into a new state or area and continue to do business using their personal Cell Phone number, which issues a number from an Area Code foreign to the area you are now working in.
  • This presents confusion and suspicion on the part of new customers as your number is from a strange area code.  In this day of Robo calls a local appears safer.
  • This service provides you with a New Second Number on  your Cell Phone!  Make calls out on either your Old Number or your New Number.
  • REE EXTENSION DIALING: It two or more people are in your company using CALL 7 Fuse, you can Direct Extension Dial each other.  
  • In addition, users may direct extension dial into your office if your office is also using CALL 7 Service, as well as your office may direct extension dial your Cell Phone.
  • Your office may transfer calls via Extension Transfer to your cell phone.

CALL 7 Super Ring Group / Contact Center Application

Any company of any  size, even a three-person company, will see a dramatic difference when using a Contact Center to manage inbound phone calls.   We have seen the effectiveness of our Contact Center Application in many small to medium size companies: 

CALL 7 :  CALL CENTER Basic  (Super Hunt Group)

CALL 7 has offered this product since 2010.  We call it a SUPER HUNT GROUP.  It is a Hunt Group ( a/k/a  Ring Group)  with One, or More people assigned, where incoming calls, first attempt to ring  the assigned Phone(s) and should those phones be busy, the caller goes into a Queue and then to the first open phone.

CALL CENTER Basic provides your company with an affordable Hunt Group with a Queue, offering automatic answering of incoming calls with Comfort messages, when your associates are busy on another call.  Callers wait for a representative in the order which they’re received; prioritized however you decide.

Pricing for CALL CENTER Basic 

  • Each “Agent – Person” who is assigned to a Queue is only  $9.00 per month!
  • (As a person may be assigned to one or more Queues)
  • Each Queue is only  $25.00 per month.
  • Each Queue includes Three Extra Inbound Trunks to allow up to  3 extra callers to be in the QUEUE.
  • For example: if your company has 5 trunks assigned, now with one queue you have 8 trunks.
  • (You may have as many queues as needed)